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CEO Sami Raja

Sami Raja has over 12 years of experience leading organizations, providing thought leadership, and assisting private sector clients in the areas of investment sales and portfolio management, organizational design, business strategy, and business analysis.

In 2016, he founded Sami Raja Consultancy and still manages the corporate direction and strategy of the company till date, helping business owners and entrepreneurs to establish a presence in Dubai and cities in the GCC.

A business wiz, Sami Raja has established a few other successful businesses, some of which are Clean Kicks, a premium footwear cleaning products manufacturer, Desert Angels, an online swimwear company and Heron Marketing, an international marketing firm headquartered in London.


Our Services

Business Setup

At Sami Raja Consultancy, we offer a complete suite of services needed to help you in setting up a business in Dubai. Our team can take over the lengthy and complex process of starting a business on your behalf.

PRO Service

The emirate of Dubai has laid down cycle and procedures for setting up a business and one mistake can cost you a lot of money to rectify. At Sami Raja Consultancy, we take this risk away and guide you through all the stages with our PRO services.

VAT & Accounting

There are numerous tax management companies in Dubai but only a few know how to create a sustainable tax strategy that works for business entities. At Sami Raja Consultancy, we are proud to say that we understand the complex tax system and sure have the expertise to create a strategy that can work for your business.

Business Consulting

At Sami Raja Consultancy, we offer a wide range of business management and advisory services that can help you overcome the common management challenges faced by business owners and managers.



Building a business is impossible without building your network. I have heard many great business icons say this over and over and tried it out for myself when I started out with my business more than a decade back. Your network, the people with whom you associate regularly influence a lot of how you perceive the world. And most certainly, it affects how you set your business goals and achieve them.

Sami Raja

One of the best pieces of advice I can give the young and upcoming entrepreneurs is to never wait. If you have an idea today, pursue it. It doesn’t mean you have to be reckless; it just means acting faster, making the moves quicker, setting out early. Because the more you wait, someone else out there is going to come up with the same idea, or worse, an even better one you could have achieved yourself if you had started right on time.

Sami Raja

One of my mentors used to say ‘If people are complaining, it means they still value your service.’ To this date, I live by those words. If your clients regularly push you, build a conversation with you, it means you have their business. Worry when they become unresponsive. My whole interest in developing a customer-centric service was to ensure an ongoing dialogue with the people I do business with. It helps you learn and grow while helping them solve their problems.

Sami Raja

Taking a risk is a tricky little step. Never take a risk in your business unless you are prepared to face catastrophic setbacks. Being prepared for the worse will help you take a lot of small risks necessary to push your business forward. Build a risk tolerance by taking small risks and accepting small fails. It is what every business owner should focus on when they start off on their business journey.

Sami Raja

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